Film and Videographic Projects


” ECHO ” Nachhall – Erinnerungen an die Gehrenseestr.

Migration is a worldwide phenomenon and there has always been migration in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg.
This 23 min film gives an interesting insight into the history of the former GDR residence on Gehrenseestraße – through interviews with contemporary witnesses who lived there themselves as contract workers before 1989 and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Talented Actress LIOBA VRUNOW – English Showreel

D.O.P and Camera operator


Seit 4 Jahren organisiert der soziale Träger SPIK e.V. im Rahmen des Berliner Ferienschule Programms der DKJS (Deutsche Kinder-& Jugendstiftung) erfolgreich eine interaktive Ferienschule im eigenen Jugendklub für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Fluchthintergrund, die in Hohenschönhausen leben. Dies ist ein Zusammenfassung der Highlights vom Sommer 2018 inklusive dem gemeinsamen Sommerfest für alle!


Upcoming Long Metrage Film Documentary 2016 – 2019

It’s my upcoming film ”The Twisted Rope of Africa” – a story of a young Afropean couple traveling with their 2-year-old in a van around Africa, sharing their adventures & featuring local “life artists” to give a glimpse of a more realistic Africa than often shown in mainstream media. 


Viewing on request of passwords. 


Short Documentary 2018

A 10 min Video portray of the Artist Younousse Tamekloe crafting his inspiring sculptures and his exhibition of THE GOD OF NEW TECHNOLOGY. The Artist share as well his philosophy behind contemporary sculptures in the future.

MY NEW LIFE IS BERLIN – Change of Perspective.

Film Documentary 2017-2018

From the perspective of two young refugees, the short film gives insights into their new everyday life in Berlin away from their home countries and herewith their challenges and hopes. The short film also shows the encounters between young refugees from an asylum hostel in Hohenschönhausen with youngsteres from a local youth club – and encourages a dialogue on how encounter projects for integration / inclusion with the participation of all sides can be done better. 

Viewing on request of passwords.

Jugendraum HVW – SPIK 2017:

A short promo film for the social organisation SPIK e.V and their inspiring integration work at the refugee community housing Hausvaterweg (HVW): the joint creation of a youth room with the refugee youth in their community housing. 

LOCATION: Berlin, Germany

Costume Performance ART:

This short video is showcasing the Berlin artist Anna Moentmann’s costume design work of her two incredible flower costumes at the promotion event for the IGA 2017 in Berlin. 

LOCATION: Berlin – Germany

LOVE IS – Julian Wenn (Official Music Video):

Somewhere in the universe, there is a planet called Earth. On that beautiful planet, so many living beings exist and one is called HUMAN BEING. Read more

LOCATION: Cape Town – South Africa. 


Getting their motorhome ready for an adventure family trip in Africa: graffiti artists turned their caravan into a wild African zebra. 

LOCATION: Berlin – Germany