I am an independent African filmmaker, passionate about creating powerful visuals and having the dream of changing the world by telling stories through films and awareness documentaries.


“I am a young man who grew up with the natural talent of telling stories. I remember back in primary school in Kinshasa, my teacher would always first ask me to tell any story before starting his class to get all the students´ attention. And then after school, everyone wanted me to continue my story…”


I was born in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, in 1986 as one of seven children and grew up in the capital Kinshasa, but I always refers to myself as a “member of the human being community”. After completing high school end of 2007, I could not study film in Kinshasa as there is no film school of quality and the private ones are too expensive, but also because of the injustice that is happening in my home country. It is dangerous for film makers to express themselves, to tell stories about the truth and to be the voice of the voiceless. So I worked very hard to be able to travel all the way from DR Congo to South Africa despite lots of challenges.


“When I arrived for the first time in South Africa as a refugee, I couldn’t speak and write proper English. I started teaching myself through reading newspapers, spending time in the library and working as a security guard in Durban. My dream of making films kept me always motivated and before I say I can´t, I always make sure, I have been trying and trying over again. I am really proud of myself as I believe that everything is possible if I put my mind to it!”


I decided to move from Durban to Cape Town in 2008/09, where the opportunities of studying film in South Africa seemed the best. Even though I didn´t have the money yet to study, I was fortunate to become an intern at Visual Impact in 2009/10, one of Africa´s largest broadcast and film equipment rental companies – a step closer to my dream to become a film maker! Here I could gain lots of experience in the rental department, assisting with camera work for broadcasting projects and get insights into the post-production process. With them I also had my first workshop (Basics of Broadcasting) in preparation for the World Soccer Cup that took place in 2010 in South Africa.


My filmmaking career started also then, before even studying film professionally. I was already filming and producing event DVDs and making promo videos for NGOs in Cape Town. And motivated by a local film competition, I directed and produced my first short documentary “Cape Town – Mother City?” in collaboration with Visual Impact in 2010/11. It was screened at various locations in and around Cape Town, including a local cinema – and my first documentary won a “Making a Difference Award” Honorable Mentioning at Toronto Community Film Festival. Through my documentary, I also got a scholarship to study film. During my film studies I was also producing professional visuals for some clients and did my internship with the NGO Street Talk, a South African television series.


My motivation for filmmaking is hereby inspired by motivational speaker and author Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Don´t die with your music still in you!”, so this is all I am trying to do, sing the music I am listening in me and that is making films with a message!


After my studies, I also made my first music video “Love is” for a young South African artist and after leaving South Africa in 2015, I documented our family journey over 9 months through various African countries in our own 4×4 motorhome.

Since 2016, I am based in Berlin, Germany, working on my 1st feature film & doing freelance work for social organizations and private clients.

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