The Crew

The team around the director Tresor Ilunga Mukuna were also two other Visual Impact interns: Meijer Janse Van Rensburg as the editor, who is originally from South Africa, and Nelson Ikeh, originally from Nigeria, who was the first camera man.

Writer, Producer and Director

“The project took us all together six months including several weeks of shooting it, then editing and doing pick-up shoots again. It was really hectic and stressful for my crew and myself as a director as I never went to a film school but just using my passion for film making. It was also very hard for us all working in a team with people from different cultures, social backgrounds and with their own personalities and ideas. I always say that this project was not just a documentary for the homeless but it was also a school of film making for us, where we all could learn a lot – also about us and from each other.


Meijer Janse van Rensburg was born on 25th of January 1985, grewing up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. At the age of 14, his family moved to Cape Town where he finished high school in 2003. 2004 he started a BA degree in Media and Communication at University of the Nations, YWAM and studied it in Cape Town, Switzerland and Kona Hawaii. In between he studied multimedia design at another college and worked for his father, an architect. In 2010, he started his internship with Visual Impact, where he met Tresor and Nelson to assist with the documentary. He recognized the power of the media and the influence it has upon society’s mindset and plans to create his own films in future.

First Cameraman:

Nelson Ikeh is a Nigerian born filmmaker who believes in visual art as a ´medicine for change` which  he wants to use with his eye for beauty and desire for excellence. He is pursing his BSC in media and communication with the University of the Nation in Hawaii U.S.A. He could also secure an internship with Visual Impact after his exchange studies in Switzerland. Being the camera man in this documentary opened his eyes, seeing the pain and survival of street children. He sees film as a channel of reaching out to others and he is grateful for God using him as his tool to spread messages.

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