Homeless Talk

After my experience of being homeless myself for a few days on the streets of Cape Town and spending then time with the homeless to make a documentary about them, I realised that they are just people like you and me. All I can say is: “When you see and spend time with homeless people and street kids, it will make you appreciate life so much more!”

Here we give you the opportunity to ask them any question you have. We promise that we will get your question to them and then will give you their responses and feedback.
Please don’t hesitate to leave any comment!

© Photo by Tresor

Siyabonga lives on Cape Town´s streets. He said:

“I spent all my life on the streets of Cape Town.
All I need now is just a good place to stay for the rest of my life. I love Cape Town…”
© Photo by Tresor
© Photo by Tresor
Charlotte lives on Cape Town streets. Freezing, no food, no blanket no love from their mother. She said:
” I spent 12 years on the street of Cape Town, now i am 38 years old.”

Then she told me:

“You are the first person who told me these words ‘I LOVE YOU” (as one of God’s children).´

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